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Congratulations! You’re engaged! This is such an exciting time in your life and wouldn’t it be amazing to stay present and focused during your planning instead of getting caught upon in the drama of it all. Many women feel completely overwhelmed and stressed just at the thought of their wedding and all the details that go along with it. I have friends that are stressed about it and they are not even engaged yet. This really got me thinking about things. Stress is like the default when we hear “wedding”. Yes there is definitely a lot of time and energy that goes into the planning however it does not have to be so stressful.

Are you feeling overwhelmed thinking about the wedding planning?

Are you stressing over all the details and the image of perfection?

Is your family or future in laws driving you crazy trying to make it their wedding?

Do you repress your feelings so you are not viewed as a “bridezilla”?

Are you starting to believe the fears and limiting beliefs of others when it comes to talking about your wedding to be true therefore you are losing sight of your vision for your big day?

Are you forgetting the truth about your relationship with your fiancé and the reasons you are making this divine commitment due to the stress and pressure you’re feeling about the wedding planning?

Do you hold back your expression due to fear of judgement from others and your loved ones?

Do you feel like the only way to get what you want is through control?

Do you have limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of your dream wedding?

Do you feel disconnected from the true reasons why you’re getting married due to the chaos running through your mind and the drama that surrounds you?

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I know exactly how you feel as I recently got married and went through this process. During my planning I realized how many people associate weddings with stress and that is when I decided I needed to share the tools that helped me. When I would talk about my wedding to others there were times when I would feel stressed due to their reaction “you’re getting married in 1, 2, 3 months” (whatever the time frame was) because they were shocked that I was grounded and not stressed. Many times I got “wow you seem so relaxed I cannot believe you’re getting married in a month”. This made me think “god should I be more stressed what’s wrong with me” and it made me realize in these moments how stressed people are even if they are not planning a wedding themselves. There is so much pressure around weddings because of all the family dynamics and having the vision that everything has to be perfect. When you are aligned with what is true to you the chaos that surrounds you does not effect you as much. Even on my wedding day my friends were waiting for me to bust out crying or have a mini melt down. It is what brides do. On your wedding day you deserve to feel joyful and fulfilled. Stress is not the only way.

Let’s reframe how it feels to get married.

During my planning I decided to do an 8 month Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. I was going back and forth on whether this would be the right time to do this. My fiancé said “can’t you wait until next year to do this?” My ego thought yes do it next year that seems more reasonable when you are not planning your wedding but my soul said Why wait another year this is going to help you…hell yes let’s do this. I had a conversation with my fiancé and expressed how much this meant to me and that the time is now not next year. I am so happy I listened to my intuition as this was such an amazing experience for me during the planning.

I became the most expressive I have ever been which allowed me to fully say what I wanted during the planning unapologetically. On my wedding day I felt the most true to myself that I have ever felt in my life…it was a day that was purely an embodiment of my expression. Seeing every little detail that I expressed was so beautiful and it was such a magical day to see my vision become my reality. It was actually better than I could have ever imagined. I believe this was from the tools I learned in Kundalini Yoga, my spiritual path, and the transformational work I have been doing. Since 2012 I have been seeing my life through a loving lens instead of a fearful lens. Over time the limiting beliefs have lifted and if I planned my wedding before that time it would have been very different. I know this to be true as I would not have spoken up and used my voice to express what it is that I truly want. I would have allowed the ideas of my fiancé, my parents, future in laws, and friends to plan the wedding how they wanted it and would have gone along with it. They would have given me the chance to say my opinion but I would say no that sounds good because I would not want to be judged. Back then I would have never thought I would get married in Charleston, SC. I used to think that destination weddings would be too much work and too difficult not being able to see everything. This was an old limiting belief I had that was keeping me playing small.

My spiritual path has also been a huge back of my wedding planning. I trust that God and an army of angels is working on my behalf at all times and that everything is working out for me. I said this mantra all the time. You see the universe always has our back even when it does not seem like it at the moment. The universe and angels are always working behind the scenes on your behalf and your job is to trust. I could talk about this all day long. Here is an example. Being an out of town bride I relied on reviews and my wedding planner to pick my vendors. I picked my hair and makeup artist and was so excited for my trial which was 2 days before the wedding. Now I know this sounds risky as it was so close to the wedding and I realized that this more and more as people would ask me how I was wearing my hair and I said “I have a couple ideas but not sure yet. I have my trial the week of the wedding”. I got some real good looks when I said that. I did not let these reactions get me down. Everyone has their own belief system and I kept thinking my mantra. The truth is I trusted that the woman I chose was going to be amazing and of course she was. I thought I will have a good idea of the weather for the wedding day and my look will be fresh in her mind. I decided to do half up for the first look and an updo for the ceremony. I have never felt so glamorous in my life. When you surrender and let go of the need to control every little detail the universe steps in and creates things that are beyond anything you could ever imagine.

Jenn is absolutely amazing! She is such a kind and beautiful soul and I feel so grateful to have had her help during my wedding planning! Being such a perfectionist, I was so stressed with everything about the wedding and I think my anxiety was higher than it's ever been, but every time I talked to Jenn she helped me to feel more calm. She even helped me to see how much fun wedding planning could be! As long as I focused on what was aligned with me and my wedding dreams because this was MY wedding! And she totally inspired me with such beautiful ideas, too!

Jenn was so great at helping me to feel more at ease and less overwhelmed with the whole planning process which was just amazing. And the night before my wedding, Jenn even sent me a text with a link to a beautiful heart centered Kundalini meditation that helped me so much on the day of!

Jenn is a godsend when it comes to planning. She absolutely radiates joy and a sense of calm that just surrounds you whenever you speak with her. And she's so incredibly supportive, too! She's exactly what I needed in my life as I planned the wedding of my dreams! So grateful for this beautiful soul!

Jenn was extremely helpful during the process of planning my wedding! She spent an hour each session and always followed up on what we had talked about in the previous session. She is flexible with times and is very responsive to all emails. She gave helpful advice on how to deal with stressful situations and how to bring out all the positive things your wedding has to offer. I discovered Jenn a few months before my wedding and she really helped with the last minute jitters. I would recommend Jenn, she can help coach you through your wedding planning and help you discover it doesn't have to be so stressful! Thank you again Jenn!

Working with Jenn was one of the best decisions of my wedding. Jenn shared her experience going through the wedding planning process and tangible things that I could do to keep myself on planet earth. She was a great sounding board as I navigated through family dramas and negative energy that could have derailed my own happiness. Jenn's calming energy and presence during the wedding process was priceless, even when she just sent me a quick breathing exercise or 1 min meditation. It all was so valuable! If you are feeling the least bit frazzled by the wedding planning process, I can't recommend Jenn's services enough.


I am so happy to speak up and use my voice now. It really was the best when my husband and I stood back at the reception and just took a look around at all of our dear friends and loved ones and said to each other “We created this”. It was so incredible to see everything come to life in divine timing and knowing this is the way it was meant to be. I heard a voice in my head that said “Everything is so magical and amazing”. My husband said “you really know what you’re doing everything is perfect”.

I continue to get compliments on the wedding and how everything was absolutely beautiful. I am telling you this because when you are true to you and are unapologetic with your expression magic happens. What I have learned throughout all of my planning is a wedding is such an amazing opportunity to heal your limiting beliefs and fears. If any of this resonates with you I welcome you to take a look at the blissful bride coaching program I am offering. It is time to say goodbye to repression and say hello to expression. I would love to work with you on tapping into your expression while creating the wedding that is beyond your wildest dreams.

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