Brides I want you to know that everything is going to be okay no matter what you have going on right now. I get you and I am overjoyed that you are here because I deeply know the shifts that will occur for you during these sessions!

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed with everything?

Are you feeling frantic, lost, and tired in your daily life?

Are you compromising your wedding wishes for someone else’s?

Is your family driving you nuts with their opinions and comments about your day?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then this is for you!

I created this 75 minute session for brides that are in the planning stages of their dream wedding and are feeling ALL THE FEELS during this very special time in their lives.

During our time together we will talk about what’s coming up for you and I will give you the tools to help you gain a new perspective on wedding planning. This will allow you to bring your dream wedding vision to life from a more grounded space.

It is time to truly finish planning your wedding with so much joy, ease, and flow instead of stress, overwhelm, and control. And be fully present and completely obsessed with it all!

BONUS: This offer comes with unlimited email support for one week after your session which is priceless!

Here’s what brides are saying…

Jenn was extremely helpful during the process of planning my wedding! She spent an hour each session and always followed up on what we had talked about in the previous session. She is flexible with times and is very responsive to all emails. She gave helpful advice on how to deal with stressful situations and how to bring out all the positive things your wedding has to offer. I discovered Jenn a few months before my wedding and she really helped with the last minute jitters. I would recommend Jenn, she can help coach you through your wedding planning and help you discover it doesn't have to be so stressful! Thank you again Jenn!

Working with Jenn was one of the best decisions of my wedding. Jenn shared her experience going through the wedding planning process and tangible things that I could do to keep myself on planet earth. She was a great sounding board as I navigated through family dramas and negative energy that could have derailed my own happiness. Jenn's calming energy and presence during the wedding process was priceless, even when she just sent me a quick breathing exercise or 1 min meditation. It all was so valuable! If you are feeling the least bit frazzled by the wedding planning process, I can't recommend Jenn's services enough.

Jenn is absolutely amazing! She is such a kind and beautiful soul and I feel so grateful to have had her help during my wedding planning! Being such a perfectionist, I was so stressed with everything about the wedding and I think my anxiety was higher than it's ever been, but every time I talked to Jenn she helped me to feel more calm. She even helped me to see how much fun wedding planning could be! As long as I focused on what was aligned with me and my wedding dreams because this was MY wedding! And she totally inspired me with such beautiful ideas, too!

Jenn was so great at helping me to feel more at ease and less overwhelmed with the whole planning process which was just amazing. And the night before my wedding, Jenn even sent me a text with a link to a beautiful heart centered Kundalini meditation that helped me so much on the day of!

Jenn is a godsend when it comes to planning. She absolutely radiates joy and a sense of calm that just surrounds you whenever you speak with her. And she's so incredibly supportive, too! She's exactly what I needed in my life as I planned the wedding of my dreams! So grateful for this beautiful soul!

Working with Jenn was like having a secret weapon during my wedding planning. She kept me grounded and totally present throughout the entire planning process so I could take in all in, enjoy the moments and do things MY way. Jenn is caring, supportive and she shows you how to do things with ease, and from a place of alignment - not stress. Jenn was a life saver and I highly recommend her as a bridal coach.


Are you ready to create your dream wedding?

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I'm ready!

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