I remember feeling so stressed and overwhelmed when I started to think about what we were going to do for our wedding because I had no idea where to start. I thought “OMG I am finally engaged…now what?!” I started thinking things like…Should we have a more intimate wedding or a larger one? Should we do a destination wedding? Will people travel? An outdoor ceremony would be magical right? What month feels good to get married? The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted peonies in my bouquet! I started thinking every possible thing and then when I would talk to family and friends I found myself being pulled in a million different directions and I could not think straight. My ideas were getting clouded with the ideas of others and I did not know what we were going to do until I found my voice and truly expressed what I wanted for our special day.

I would love to share my top 3 takeaways with you so you can start to plan YOUR dream wedding without settling just like I did. So here we go:

1. Listen to your thoughts and how you are speaking to others about your day. It is very easy to let the limiting beliefs and the negative self talk spiral out of control and it does not help at all when you are listening to the limiting beliefs of others. Witness how you are talking about your planning and start to jot these thoughts down in your journal or in your phone because this will help you realize the pressure you are putting on yourself. Once you witness and recognize a pattern here you can reframe how you are thinking by creating new thoughts and beliefs. For example, if you keep thinking how stressed and overwhelmed you are you will continue to bring more of those types of thoughts and feelings into your mind. So start telling a new story by reframing it by saying to yourself...”wedding planning is so fun and everything is falling into place”. This will help you feel more calm and more at ease. When you find yourself telling the old story witness it and reframe it by telling the new story again.

2. Get clear on what you want. Sit down with your fiancé and get an idea of what you both want for your special day and see what areas of your wedding are the top priorities for you. For example, some couples definitely want a DJ rather than a band or stations instead of a formal sit down dinner. Ultimately the choice is yours so get clear on what you want and take action based on that. When you start talking to family and friends they will most likely tell you what they think you should do but remember it is your day not theirs so do not let others dictate what is right for you. Only you and your fiancé know what is best…not your mother, sister, future mother-in-law or best friend.

3. Make self care your top priority from the beginning. Many brides feel like if they pamper themselves throughout the planning or show acts of self care too soon they will be viewed as a “bridezilla” so they wait and don’t take care of themselves until it gets within 3 months of their wedding and then they go into high gear which makes them feel even more stressed and anxious as their special day is quickly approaching. The total opposite is true. Self care is necessary. It allows you to show up and ground yourself so that when you have conversations with others you will respond from a more loving place instead of a place of judgement or attack. Your energy will be felt and will create a ripple effect. She may even ask you what you’ve been doing.

I hope this is helpful for you to start planning your dream wedding without settling. This is such an exciting time in your life so do not feel like you have to dim your excitement and your light to please others. The world needs your light!

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Happy wedding planning!

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