Many of us think thousands of negative fear based thoughts on a daily basis and it’s because we have been conditioned to think this way over time or think in worst case scenarios just to protect ourselves. It’s time to recondition our minds and to choose differently. It’s about unlearning these old ways of thinking and remembering to switch our thoughts back to more positive and loving thoughts.

The next time you catch yourself spiraling into negative thoughts try reframing your fear based thoughts to love and start living like you’re in a dream. An example is say you’re feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do (or you think you have to do or should’ve done like yesterday) instead of getting anxious thinking about how is all of this going to get done take a deep breath and say to yourself everything is working out for me and it is all getting done at the right time. Continue to repeat this affirmation to yourself throughout the day and you will start to notice a little shift in how you think and feel. This is something that will take some time so do not get discouraged and keep with it.

Witness your fear based thoughts and reframe them back to love. You will feel so much better every single time. Feel free to share your experience with this in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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