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I have always seen signs and when something would happen I would always say “see that’s a sign”. I trusted things always happen for a reason but I just thought these things were a coincidence and did not believe they were perhaps happening for my highest good. You see up until about a year and a half ago I did not firmly believe the universe had my back and was always working on my behalf. The universe is always working for us we just need to learn how to be willing to receive and believe the signs. This is something I share with all of my clients. I recommend that they be open and willing to receive guidance from the universe. You need to trust and know that when something does not work out the way you would have liked then there is a reason and that something better is on its way. There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. I have some cool stories that have happened to me once I was open to receive that I want to share with you.

So in the beginning of 2014 my boyfriend and I started looking into buying a home together. We looked at many homes and got out bid on an offer. We knew this had to have happened for a reason. We had a saved search in MLS listing for our dream home. One night when I got home from work I was unable to log onto the MLS system so I did a fast search on Trulia and did not check off all of our specifics. I was scrolling through and found a home that looked so good and was everything we wanted. I thought this has been on the market for about 2 weeks why haven’t we seen it yet? Then I saw that is was listed under townhouse and that is why it didn’t come up in our saved search. Well we fell in love with it and knew this was going to be our home when we first saw it and now it is. The universe had a better plan for us.

So now that we got a beautiful home I was going to need to find some tenants for my condo because I wanted to keep it for an investment. I was at my condo with my friend Lizzie and was saying how am I going to find tenants. Well on the way out that day we saw a notice taped to the door in the foyer of the building from current tenants in the building saying they had found out they would need to move out and were looking for a place either in the same building or in the area for April or May. We both got the chills and I took a photo of the notice and contacted the couple that day. They are now my tenants and they renewed the lease for another year…thank you universe.

My boyfriend proposed in July and we wanted to do a destination wedding that was not too far and was a fun place for our friends and family to travel to! We decided on Charleston, SC…why not right? It’s such a beautiful city filled with southern charm and dreamy spanish moss. While visiting Charleston in August for some wedding venue shopping I asked the universe for a sign that this was indeed the right spot for us to tie the knot. Well I saw a feather on the ground and it brought a smile to my face. I looked up to the sky and said thank you universe. Then while driving to a venue I saw a street sign on the other side of the road that popped out to me which read “Stardust Way”. I thought wow this is definitely the right destination for us because my fiance bought my ring at Stardust Jewelers! On the way back from the venue I said we have to pull over to take a photo of this sign because it was so amazing to see this! The universe was very loud in telling us “oh yeah this is it”! We are getting married in April 2016 and cannot wait for our magical celebration!photo star

These are just a few stories I have to share with you about how the universe has your back. I know some of you may still be non believers but I invite you to ask for a sign and see what happens for you and have some fun with it! Feel free to share your experiences with me. I would love to hear from you!

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