So about 3 years ago I started on my spiritual path when I first discovered Gabrielle Bernstein on Oprah’s OWN network. I started stalking her and became obsessed with all of her videos and books. I went to her book signing in MA for her May Cause Miracles and her Miracles Now book tour. When I say the video for her masterclass training I got the chills knowing I just had to go but was unsure why. I went to her Spirit Junkie Masterclass level one in Sept 2014 and level 2 in Feb 2015 and then went back to level one back in June because there’s always more to learn and I knew I was in a different place in June than I was in Sept as I have expanded so much so it would be a different experience. Those weekends were so beyond amazing! For the first time ever I was surrounded by people that were just like me and they “got it”…”it” being this spiritual awakening. The energy was so high vibe and expansive I felt like I was coming out of my body at times…it’s so hard to describe the feeling. I absolutely adore the spirit junkie family!

I have always been so into astrology and horoscopes for as long as I can remember. Growing up I would always check out the compatibility of zodiac signs for relationships for myself and friends. But things have escalated to another level. I have now learned more about the moon cycles and crystals. My brother stayed over a couple months ago and asked me “why are these here?” as he was pointing to my crystals lined up on the window sill in the spare bedroom. I said “It’s a full moon and I’m charging them” he looked at me kinda strange for a second then was like oh okay without question haha. I also have 3 angel card decks next to my bed and Gabby’s miracles now deck too. I just started getting into these about a year ago and love using them for myself and for doing readings for friends. Sometimes my fiancé will walk in while I’m shuffling the deck talking to Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael and will walk out then he will ask me afterwards what I was doing…and I say “I’m talking to the Angels” his response is “okay Jenn” as he gives me a look like have you lost your mind. He has gotten used to it and is very supportive of all my spiritual antics. In fact he loves the woo woo more every day. He picked up our wedding bands last week and when I asked him where they are he said “I put them on your altar.” I laughed to myself for a moment because I thought did he just say “your altar”…he’s coming around.

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