I am loving my new Miracles Now card deck by Gabrielle Bernstein and this is a message that really resonates with me because I know so many of us have played the comparison game at some point in our lives…“Whenever I compare myself to others, I simply say this prayer: The light I see in them is a reflection of my inner light.” This is so good right?

We tend to compare ourselves to others all the time and it has become even more so these days with all the social media. Your mind can have a field day while scrolling through your facebook or instagram news feed and you can become very jealous and in a negative place afterwards if you are in a state of constant comparison. It is so emotionally draining to think this way and you will find it will affect your energy for most of the day if you let it. No one wants to be around low vibes so when you find yourself going to crazy town reframe your thoughts and stay in a place of loving high vibes. Instead of feeling jealous why don’t you reframe the way you think about it and see the other person’s light as a reflection of your own light. You already have the same light within you that they have and it’s time to “shine bright like a diamond” as Rihanna says my beautiful friends.

I invite you use this message and prayer whenever you find yourself playing the comparison game. Feel free to comment about this. I would love to hear from you!

Big Love,

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