When I first heard the quote “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety” from the metaphysical text “A Course In Miracles” I felt a sense of ease wash over me. You see most of us live our lives trying to control every little thing and what we do in the process is resist what it is we ultimately want because we are in a constant state of control. We try to control our relationships, our bodies, our minds, our lives, etc. What would serve us the most is if we surrendered our desires and let the universe do her thing. Trust and know the universe has your back.

Last year around this time, my family and friends would always ask me “When is Jason going to propose?” Actually it was more like 2 years ago this question continued to come up. I knew all along he was the one and that we would get engaged when the time was right. I was very calm about it and did not let these comments get to me. Some of my friends would say you handle this very well…I don’t know how you do it. This quote helped me stay true to what matters and not head into crazy town. On July 5, 2014 Jason proposed in Portland, ME and it was such a magical moment!

happily engaged

I invite you to try this and see if you feel more at ease and more calm about any given situation. For a lot of people feeling a sense of uncertainty makes them feel anxious so they continue to control the situation so they feel less anxiety but they end up blocking the result they want. Instead let go and allow things to happen as they should. Be open to receiving what the universe has in store for you..sometimes it’s even better than what you expected! And remember when something does not work out the way you wanted the universe is working behind the scenes to create something beyond your wildest dreams…every single time!
Feel free to share your experiences with this. I’d love to hear from you!

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