Do you consider yourself spiritual? I never did. Over the past few years I have gone through a spiritual awakening which started when I discovered NY times best selling author Gabrielle Bernstein. I became obsessed with reading her books and watching her videos. Then I attended her spirit junkie masterclass level 1 (I went to this twice…yes it’s that good!) and level 2 and my mind was blown! She says that her job is to crack you open and have you leave knowing what spiritually means based on your own understanding. It can mean God, the universe, Angels, a higher power or force whatever you want to call it and there is no right or wrong answer. Here are three ways you can start living more spiritually today…

1. Meditate. I never used to meditate and now it is part of my daily routine. You can do it anywhere and saying you don’t have time to do it is such an excuse…we all have at least one minute where you can spare to sit in stillness. I mean take a break from your phone it’s not going anywhere

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