The Joyful SOULciety
Find Your Voice & Create Joy

Omg! Omg! I am so excited about my 3 month group coaching program!!

Are you always putting others needs before yourself?

Do you find it tough to find any time in your day for YOU TIME?

Are you drained by the end of each day?

Do you feel like you need to be in control of everything in order to make your desires your reality?

Do you always say yes to avoid conflict?

Do you feel the need for everything to be perfect and you hold back on doing things until you reach perfection?

Do you compare yourself to others?

Do you have difficulty expressing what you want?

Do you doubt yourself and your capabilities?

Do you feel like you are not good enough?

Were you taught to always do the “right thing” or to be a “good girl” and you find these beliefs weaving their way through your current life?

Are you living in fear?

Do you experience some level of anxiety on the daily?

Do you feel like there has to be a better way, but you don’t know how to get it?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then girl I know how you feel because I was you not that long ago.  I was always a follower and a people pleaser because it helped me feel safe and accepted.  I expressed myself through fashion because I never wanted to use my voice.  

I have decided that it is time to share all of this amazing work that has had a massive impact on my life with others so that they can transform their life too!  I have created my 3 month group coaching program The Joyful SOULciety for the girl who knows she is meant for more but doesn’t know exactly what to do to get it.

Program Details

Month 1 - Joyful Living

- Make yourself a priority
- Self love
- Self worth
- Find your joy

Month 2 - Believe In Yourself

- Gain clarity on your desires
- Morning routine
- Affirmations
- Let go of control & perfection

Month 3 - Step Into YOUR Power

- Learn how to set boundaries with love
- Find your voice
- Become confident.. validation is not required
- Stop comparing yourself to others

Each month will include the following:

- Weekly calls in our private fb group
- One of those calls will be a guided meditation followed by open coaching with me
- Weekly homework
- Unlimited support by me in our FB group to answer all of your questions
- You will have lifetime access to the videos

This program will start on August 1st and go through October!


Let's Do This!

$999 paid in full

I'm ready!

BONUS: If paid in full, you receive a FREE 45 min 1:1 call with me during the 3 month period. ($250 value)